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About us

THIRUKOCHI FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS PVT LTD is the country’s first exclusive consultants for mutual funds and Fixed Deposits. THIRUKOCHI FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS is a registered Private Limited Company under the Indian Companies Act, 1956, having its registered office at Kochi and administrative office at Kochi.

Our Approach

THIRUKOCHI FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS believes in fair business ethics and is committed to act in the best interest of its clients, by offering best products that meet the clients’ risk profile and goals. At TFC, wealth creation will never be the same for an investor. In keeping with its bye line “Beyond Expectations”, TFC will be focusing exclusively on Mutual Funds, Fixed Maturity Plans and highly rated fixed deposit schemes and bonds of public and private companies so that the investor’s money is not only safe but at the same time it also appreciates beyond one’s expectations. TFC is proud to say that it is the first, and perhaps the only consultancy firm that conducts a Financial Immunization Test for every client before suggesting an investment. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand our clients and build a long term relationship with them, with solid trust and expertise in its services.

Director's Profile

THIRUKOCHI FINANCIAL CONSULTANTS is managed and guided by Mr. Johncy Jacob, a young and enthusiastic professional financial advisor, who has had long experience in the industry, and has proved to hundreds of investors what wealth can be and what is needed to be done to make it happen. He taught disciplined and regular investment behavior over many years as the way to create wealth for the long term, and how such behavior accompanied by proper asset allocation in line with one’s age, risk appetite and current financial situation ensured sound long term wealth creation.