Why Do You Need Advice?

“ More Than 40 Mutual Fund Companies, More Than 3200 Schemes ”

Good Advice means good returns ! History has proved that investments based on expert's advice always pays. The fact that between May 2006 to June 2011, the returns delivered by the best and the worst performing equity mutual funds varied from +31% to -7% itself isa testimony to the value of good advice. If you invest in mutual funds directly (through online platform or AMC’s counter) or through an Advisor, there will be no extra charges. The charge of maximum 2.5% is fixed by the regulators, SEBI. But, when you avail the services of an expert advisor, there is chance that your funds grow better than you expect, because the advisor after deep analysis and research will recommend the best funds for you.

Best Advisor means Best Investments.

1% more makes a huge difference in returns. Due to the compounding effects, even a small difference of 1% in the growth of investment can mean 24% more returns after 30 years of your investment. For example, Rs. 5000 is invested every month in 2 similar schemes. One scheme gives 10% return p.a. while the other gives 11% p.a. At the end of 30 years, the second scheme gives 24% more money. That is, the fund value of first scheme will be Rs. 1.13 Crores whereas in the second scheme it will be Rs. 1.40 crores.